I Am From..

I am from my blue blanket
Climbing out of my crib
To always eating without a bib
From playing mermaid in the bayhtub
From always saying "BaBa Bub"
I am from Blue's Clues and Bernstein Bears
From spinning in a circle with no care
I am from long days in school
Like Tupac said "Mama ain't raise no fool"
From chocolate chip cookies at Grandma's house
Everybody knows I love her without a doubt
I am from traveling to Tampa on the 4th
To wanting to see my cousins more and more
I come from walks on the beach
Just missing the sand under my feet
I am from Barbies and Polly Pockets
Strolling the mall and shopping Hot Topics
To chicken and rice, cornbread made so nice
To a tall glass of water and ice
I am from Ice cream late at night
To mac & cheese looking so bright
With potatoes always on the right
I am from A Lane and Barkway
Where you will see kids at play
From boys playing football
To girls playing with dolls
I am from see elders on porches
And reading books about burning torches
I am from a large family
From NaNa, Papi, Pooch, and Vani
To my grandpa calling everyone honey
I am from always hearing "Keep your head up, for a Queen never loses her crown"
To "You can't give up now"
I am from tears on my pillow and unanswered cries
From holding your hand and seeing that look in your eyes
I am from a past, living in my present
To hoping this last, for a better future

This poem is about: 
My family


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