I Am...

I am:

a reader,

a writer,

an observer,

a dreamer,

a life-liver.


I am:

not defined by numbers

nor by words others speak of me,

but instead by the actions I take,

and the words I write- and immortalize.


I am... the girl in the mirror

with the green eyes and her mother's lips

and the mind that roars greater than the passing midnight train.


I am... insecure of my appearance

with hidden anxieties and troublesome thoughts

and of a calm manner that quiets overwhelming storms.


I am a believer in true courage

and peace

and respect and equality.


Not defined by a single word-

nor by the highest grade I've earned-

I am every person I have met

and everything I know.


My passions and my beliefs and my curiosities

and my relationships and my needs:

these are who I am.


I am beautiful and delicate and the very essence of determination.

I am a consistent contradiction shaped by, but not defined by, her experiences.


I assimilate my observations.

I befit a new form each day.

I am the driving force in my own destiny.


I am the moon, the stars, and everything in between,

which includes the nothingness of space,

and with that, I am


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