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Where and who I am from I do not choose
unfortunately, This is chosen for me
through forces greater than me
I was born in Chicago with no clothes
In the winter, Bad for any baby in a blizzard
Oh how i loved seeing those gizzards!
I remember the fluffy miracle
With uniqueness with every flake
Especially when there was a star on the pinnacle
And those hot times at the lake

When people from around the world ask me
I say I come from Texas
Because everyone knows we
After that no one can perplex us
I love tortillas with all my heart
Even more Guadalajara is my heart
For I embrace the culture without cult
But because of the memories that I recall out

My dream is to go to all 50 states
To graduate from Rice
And the amount of high test scores would be measured in crates
Because that would be nice
In movies, we see the hero die for a cause
They are all fighting blindly
I love to see others living as if they had a cause
So if the world needs a hero
I can be that zero
That gave his happiness
so that the world could take for granted my selflessness

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