I am...

As a child, we're all told we're special.

"You're so unique!"

"There's no one quite like you!"

This positive self image is ingrained into our minds

And we go through life thinking this without questioning it.


But what about us is so "special"?

Is it our face or our family?

Our ethnicity or our education?

Our personality or our presence?

While those help us become who we are, they don't define us.

So what does define us?


We are defined by the little things.

The small actions we do that people think go unnoticed

Like when we say hello to the passing stranger,

Or hold open the door for the man with the handful of bags

Or when we lend a hand.

It is the actions like those who tell the world who we are

Not who we tell the world we are.


I am the girl who says hello to the passing stranger,

The girl who holds open the door for the man with the handful of bags,

The girl who lends a hand.


Who are you?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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