I Am...

I Am....

Creative, honest, respectful, intelligent, studious, talented, optimistic, playful, holy and hopeful, excellence, resplendent

All words to describe myself

But for me to come up with one word..well

I haven't had a hard life

I haven't had an easy one either

I have had to get stronger over the years

I have had to be less immature in order to be the person I am today

I Am...

I am many things undescribable

I am unique and eerie in my own imperfect ways

I am not someone who gives up easily

I am not someone who is trying to be someone else

Because truth be told


So the question still remains

I Am...?

I Am...?

I Am... ME

Because by being MYSELF

I access a power...a light...only I can possess

And I wouldn't trade it in for anything in the world.


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