"I Am"

"What is it that you are?" People often ask me.

"Courageous, confident, kind, and intelligent" are the words that come to mind.

I say these words as I impress those who ask

I say these words as the weapons for my defense...But

"What is it that I am?" One day I ask...

My mind goes blank for the first time

As I think hard of all the things I am supposed to be.

Was it courage, kindness or gratitude that I was supposed to possess?

What is it that defines me? I ask again,

Yet the mind remains silent. 

It is then, when I see for the first time.

My mind is as silent as the breeze, 

as silent as the river,

as silent as the leaves.

My mind is as silent as the heat,

as silent as the smell,

and as silent as my touch.

"You are not all that" my heart replies.

"You could be everything, yet you could be nothing.

You could be the anger of the storms or the gentleness of a breeze,

The flow of a stream or the rush of a sea.

You could be the peak of a mountain or the dust of the earth,

The blue of the sky or the green of the grass.

It does not matter what you could be, you could be all yet you could be none,

For what is it that you are, 'awake' should be the only one."



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