I am


I am a writer

A musical writer

I write in song

in rythmic song

my writing has notes

my writing may be notes

It may be whacked

Or out of order

but this is my writing

The writing of me


I am an artist

An artist of words

An artist of song

My art is musical 

My art has rythym

My art has notes

My art may be notes

 It may be whacked 

or out of order

but this is my art

 the art of me


I am a teacher

I teach you about me

 About who I may be

I teach you

Through my art, my writing, and my actions

I am a student

A high school student


I create

I design

I bring my peice together

Until it's a work of art

Until it's a masterpeice of words

Until it's a lesson plan

My musical treat


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