I Am.

I Am someone's hija . I Am someone's hermana. I Am someone's nieta. I Am a lot of things when it comes to other people's opinions. But most of all, the details that make of me are what defies me. I Am an attentive person. I Am an understanding person. I Am a sympathetic and considerate person. I Am alluring and charming, in my whitful ways. I Am divine and graceful. I Am a child of God's and I Am loved. I Am going to be victorious and effective in this devious world. I Am going to be fortunate and lucky enough to touch people's lives. I Am going to be flourishing and thriving on the knowledge that I've learned from certain encounters. I Am and will be a better person I was today from yesterday. I Am a human being that will be brave enough to take life by the horns.

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