Mon, 11/02/2015 - 22:26 -- hb

I used to be the easy days

Full of laughter and at ease

Fulfilling every wishful care

I used to aim to please

I used to be the daisies

I hid my scars away

And all the time I thought I was

The best that came my way

But all the things I used to be

The thoughts I used to think

The things I thought defined me

I washed them down the sink

Because if I'm being honest

If I speak the words of truth

I am built from all those times

That I never thought I'd get through

I am the tears that fell from my face

The feelings I used to hide

My triumphant acts of grace

And I know deep inside

If I can help another

If I can rise above

I have a place among the rest

I am someone to love


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