I am not the color of my hair (lord knows i've dyed it so many times before anyways).

I am not the color of my skin (I didn’t choose it).

I am not the color of my eyes (they seem more appropriate on my dad’s face anyways).

I am not the size of my love handles (its no one’s business that they might flow over the top of my pants, thank you).

I am not the body that squeezes into black jeans (yes I wear the same pants almost twice every week).

I am not a piece of ass (when I make out with someone it is just as much of my choice as it was theirs).

I am not.


I am the way I laugh (even when my friends copy it and laugh at it).

I am the happiness I feel listening to Hungry like the Wolf by Duran Duran (it makes me feel all excited and inspired).

I am the belief that I am asexual (the fact that pours out of my mouth often enough when i'm drunk).

I am the depression I felt when I was younger (I’ve moved on but its still a part of who I am now).

I am everything ive learned (thanks teach).

I am everything ive seen (even the things I don’t remember seeing).

I am.


I don’t always know who I am. But I’m finding it out. I promise.

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