A tear

A tear

Cascades to the sunshine on the floor

At one point in time she illuminated me

My being

I realized the disguise

And choked on her rays

Sticky labels stuck to my skin

Odor suffocating my lungs

I am covered.

A tear

A tear

At that brightness upon the wall

Dancing dangerously in the moonlight

"You are not supposed to be here! It is passed your time!"

But I am talking to the wall again and there is no answer

A tear at my heart with each clawed hand.

A tear down my blouse with each distorted dream.

Locked out of hell, this was my Nevaeh

Manipulated into thinking that Gabriel would rejoice with me in this sunshine

And even though I saw someone trapped

I destroyed the mirrors that reflected reality

For the sake of my sanity

A tear at the paper adhered to my mind.

A tear for the paper adhered to my mind.

A tear

A tear

A tear

A tear.

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Inspired by The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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