Hymn at the World's Rim

Cantis Hath Sworn Reprigaste Sellname Surheath Vassim.

Fallen lights crowd the world's rim

You hear the sound of the World's final hymn

There is no here nor there

"The tumult has ended," lost Soldier, you swear

The heavens have fallen to smolder on earth

a blanket of white and mimicking mirth

Harantaris lingers in the vast and empty sky

Not a soul left to linger, save you Soldier, "Why?"

Fallen lights crowd the world's rim

You hear the sounds of the earth's final hymn

Are you, Soldier, lost as the lights slowly blank out?

And yet you still follow, your faith is devout

There is no here nor there

The heavens have fallen into strict disrepair

And where is the Soldier, have you lost your way?

When there, on the world's rim, there is no light that strays?

A Soldier walks in the empty

No purpose, no pain

Across the children, the fathers, the bones of the slain

You are the last light and alone left to hear

Until the sounds of the last hymn, and you too, disappear


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