Hush...The Artist Is Working

I am clay

Being molded away

Day by Day

In my Master's hands.


Though I am not complete,

I still have a desire to be used

For a great purpose in His word.

To be a part of His masterpiece.


Yes, I am slippery and mucky

And sometimes ugly

To those who lay

Their eyes upon me.


I am a creation who desires to be

Good and holy in my ways

Like my King who died for me

To make me righteous and clean.


Even though I strive to be good,

I fall short of grace in my self-seeking ways.

I tend to overthink things

And let life's stuggles get the best of me.


I admit as clay I am

Confusing and Complex

Crazy and Unorganized

Intolerant and Messy

And at times a Hypocrite.

I admit at times I misrepresent

The Artist of my life.


But as clay in His Hands I am

Reassuring and Crystal Clear

Sane and Composed

Accepted and Tidy

And through Him alone perfect in

Every way as I am molded by Him



I am clay

Being molded away

Day by day

In my Master's Hands.

I am a "work in progress".

He assures me through His promises

That the process will soon be

Complete and I will soon be

What He created me to be.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world



I was going to post a picture of me but the site won't let me for some reason. Sorry guys. God bless y'all.


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