Hush Now, Don't Cry


Hush now, don’t cry

The streets are cold

You’re growing old

With no food for the night

No blanket wrapped around you tight

You’re giving up the fight

But you still hold on

You can picture that ray of light


Hush now, don’t cry

Daddy’s off to war

Praying he’ll come back, knocking at your door

Tanks, bombs, guns and planes

Don’t seem very sane

You write him letters

As he promises it’ll get better

You start to sigh, as the months go by

But you stare at the clock and here a knock

There’s no need to fright

Daddy’s home for the night


Hush now, don’t cry

You hide in fear

Wishing he wasn’t near

With every scream

But no one hears

You endure the pain

Day by day

But when you can’t take it anymore

You’ll just run away


Hush now, don’t cry

Mom and dad yelling

On the inside your heart bleeds

Cause they don’t know your needs

Now they’re filing for divorce

Yet they feel no remorse

You begun to question if love is real

But deep down you know

Love is what truly heals


Hush now, don’t cry

People are harsh

Looking at you like you’re

A creature crawling out the marsh

You take each word

As if it were a slap in the face

But your life is quickly running out

Like you’re in a race

But you won’t end it now

You stay strong and keep up the pace


Hush now, don’t cry

You changed your slang

To join a gang

Thinking it’s cool

Not abiding by the rules

Until your friend gets shot

While selling pot

But you snap back into reality

Realizing this isn’t your true mentality


Hush now, don’t cry

No one knows what it is like

Travelling around like you’re a bike

Selling yourself for money

Men stuck on you like honey

Treating you like a dump

In your tall pumps

Now you feel the baby bump

But you don’t still have to do it

You know you’ll get through it


Hush now, don’t cry

You’re not fat

Don’t let them tell you that

You throw away your food

All because they were rude

Now you’re slowly wasting away

Thanks to the things they say

But you know you’re beautiful

In every single way

You ignore what they tell you everyday


Hush now, don’t cry

Everybody eventually dies

It is hard to let go

If you don’t try you’ll never know

It’s horrible to see

The surrounding black

The coffin going down

With no turning back

But you know deep inside

That love never dies it stays on the rack


Hush now, don’t cry

Mama will sing you a lullaby

You’re just a new born

And you’re already so adorned

Everyone surrounding you in flocks

As you wear your first pair of socks

You don’t quite know

What the world holds

Later you’ll be told

But mommy has you in her arms

No need to feel alarmed

It’s the safest place to be with no harm




So hush now, don’t cry

Erase all the bad

Everything that makes you

Sad or mad

Life’s a ride, a bumpy tide

Just find a guide

And don’t let go of hope

Never ever say nope and mope

Hang in there

Be aware

That things get better

You’ve been through worse weather


Hush now, please don’t cry

Keep your head up

And soon you’ll fly

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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