The Hurting Future


The flash of slaps and fists of rage will forever remain in scars 

As words of hate pulse through my veins, I hurt with guilt and shame.

Taking on the blame that was never mine to begin with.

As I internalize theses bottled emotions, I am screaming inside. 

Living the life I wished I never had and dealing with the hurt like everyday breath.

The companionship of the four walls I spend my time within finally became surreal.

No affection, no bonding, just my mind to keep me together.

Leaning on my own understanding, I wore the best of me on my shoulder like a protector

Only to find out that my heart was exposed with no surrender.

Assuming this will be my solace but it only made a mess.

I feel like I’m stepping forward while the falling backwards.

Tripping over what I thought was lost, only to find my reality is nothing more than the life I was given.



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