Hunter of Success

Everyday I wake up thinking it's a brand new day

But things are the same, it never seems to change

Time flies by and my money waves good bye..


I believe in God even though I do not see him with my own two eyes

My faith extends within the depths of me internally

While I slowly cry for forgiveness of my sins

I Know the devil is a lie, but as long as I'm alive pain seems to stand by

Draining me in every walk I take

I still stand up straight

And run the same road that I call Great

I KNOW success awaits me

But I can not be alone, because for every bone that keeps me standing

God makes it KNOWN that it will happen

I will not let the temptations of the enemy affect my journey

And knowing my purpose of  who I am in Christ 

In ALL of my heart I know that as long as I'm holding GOD's hand

It's a promise that I will make it to the greater end 

I'm aware of my "Imperfections"

I KNOW that I will never be PERFECT

But who are you to point them out?

Like they are dirt on the ground

These same IMPERFECTIONS will recognize my prescence and 


You too will make it through because I promise you



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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