Hungry Disease

I am a host for a parasite,

A parasite whose disease has sucked on my mind,

Leaching my hope,

Leaching my sanity,

Raping me of all personality.

It took control of my body,

Seducing me with promises of pseudo control and false empowerment.


It didn’t seem so evil at first,

Welcoming me with warm, hopeful arms, when the outside world’s words stung me the most, but its warmth came from stealing mine, from my body and soul, for the following 6 years.


It promised me joy, but I lost my care,

It promised me willpower, but it made me impatient,

It promised me happiness, but it made me numb,

It promised me strength, but I emaciated so weakly,

It promised me life, but it made me a cadaver.


I know I don’t have to keep living this way, but i’ve become codependent on its secure blanket from when the world was tearing me apart.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


Poetic Kiwi

OMG! This was captivating and intrigued me from the start with creative repetition and composition. 

Also touched a part of me that people usually don't write well enough to connect with me on a deep level. 

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