Hunger in Numbers


Drastic changes,

That coin on the ground,

While your feet make a sudden sound.

870 million people,

Under poverty without food.

Pondered thoughts,

Wasted time,

Closely gathered are the prayers

of the congregated masses.


To give, forget, then regret,

Don’t sit around waiting,

For that paused moment,

Where time itself is turned into a mirage.


Abundance of nature in the coming ages,

As the shroud of peace, love, and hope.

There is an image of a blank answer waiting.

Food wasted, tasted, and eaten,

Watchful is the sun,

As drought overpowers a nation.


Having general knowledge,

Is righteous for what?


Fields found from forced hands,

Lands of the malnourished.

Changed outcomes


Will we gather our earned freedom

To see the end of provincial views?

Ending the globalized hunger

Found in a world where there is ENOUGH.


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