Humans Are Humans

What is color?
Just an appearance, not a white-collar
Both Blacks and Whites
Should equally shine bright

What's still going on?
When blacks are born
Is their fate to be tramped?
A prejudice which should be banned

Obama, who is black, took America to the top
Black Michael Jackson, The King of Pop
So many blacks are glowing in the dark
Please let them to be a spark

Girls are prettier with black curly hair
Boys are like hyacinths with black kits, I stare
Humans are humans even with the black skin
Not to be deterred, it is a sin

Police murdered a black poor life
As a black dove is slashed by a knife
White doves symbolize peace, humans fail
Black lives slayers should be in jail

Celebrating May for labor rights
Cheering Pride month with rainbow lights
Most people have no insight
To see the black lives still in a fight

This poem is about: 
Our world


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