We've grown a lot
we really have
We worked so hard to create so many things
Civilization, government, infrastructure, and now modern technology
So much has changed
And now there's so much to learn
Because there's so much to life
So many amazing things to discover
In our humanity
I've been doing this lately
It's kind of sad
It takes so much pain and agony to
But hey, it's just something I've learned

Back to what I was saying
I'm not the only one doing it wrong
Humans were created to do much more than any computer
We were made to think
To create
To learn
To be human

To compile is to labor
Rules and syntax are to be followed by
Dare I say…
The lesser
By the computer
So it should be no surprise that they can do it better than us

Oh, they are far from perfect
(can I stress that anymore)
(Yeah. I can but I shouldn't)
But so are we
So let us acknowledge that it is in their creation
That we live today
That's funny
All of it
Because it's Oreos, Twinkies, coconuts
I used to hate the humanities
The future is a broom

Collecting the dust of the past
Throwing it away
Because of the idiocies of the present
But then it hits
You know, all the emotions and stuff
Nostalgia, reminiscence

But eventually we all go back
To the past


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