The Humanitarian

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 16:12 -- tabeliz


Here I am.

Under the hot desert sun

A hope in my heart and a country in ruin

I am here for them, I remind myself

The music plays; I teach them the steps

Our feet move the earth, hands paint the sky

Jumping and turning, we sing our hearts out

The beams on their faces hide all the doubt

The fear

The pain

They have seen too much hate

 and kept it locked up inside

till it boils to the rim but is forced to subside

and you have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

how do you let go?

And yet they move.

Move to the rhythm of nature

Bid hello to the baobab tree and smile at the rising sun

We are two different worlds, but the art brings us together

Like brother, like sister, we dance beneath the blue

while their blues

their doubts

their fears

they fade away

as they lose themselves in the music

This release, THIS is what the world needs

Let the repressed be addressed

The trauma

The horrors

The children

It can’t stop them from being able to succeed

They’ll let it out

They’ll put the worst aside

The release of inhibitions

The coming together as one.  


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