The Human Race


What is race? 

Is it the fight to the finish?

A competition between two or more individuals?

No, it is us.

Race can be the human race, or even more specific, race by color.

We have different races yes, but that doesn't make the human race any different.

We are all the same, wether Black, White, Hispanic, or Asian.

What has happened in the past happened already.

We shouldn't allow it to continue in the future.

It is painful to see some people still feel powerful over others just because of the color of their skin.


Skin is all the same. 

Some skin have spots, some have scars, others may be smooth.

Regardless it's all skin.

The only difference is the pigmentation.

But honestly, why should that matter?

We all burn, we all bruise, we all scar.

It is just skin.


We are definitely all human.

We cry, we laugh, we hurt, we LIVE.

Everyone breaths the same air.

Your air isn't any better than her air.

Don't treat it that way.


We are all surviving in this world.

All trying to stay healthy.

All trying to enjoy life.

Why not do it together?

If we are all human, why can't the humans join together and make life not only easier, more enjoyable.

So I ask again what is race?

The Human Race.


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