Huge Secret


United States
29° 23' 4.4556" N, 95° 14' 51.1872" W

Why do people tell lies...
And hide from the only one they have...
Lies that bind trust..
Which turn into a decietful lust for hate...
It's hard to comprehend the reason..
Why? Out of spite? Like i wouldn't find out...?
the act of this treason is too much to handle...
I just can't seem to try and undertand you..
The act of what you did, knowingly, you had me at the palm of your hand...
Pain filled tears roll down my cheek, fearful it might make me look weak, even in this fragile state..
The thing is I do believe you intended for this to happen to me, although when it happened to you, you were in my shoes..
So I forgive you.. and what's been done is did, what was said is past and now it's up to me to keep going, rather than to live just moping..
This isn't just a small bump in the road, it will affect me forever..
It wont go away, I can't be free like i used to be..
I put my heart out to you i thought this was something real, something i only dreamed i could have..
I will hold my head high still to the next day, and let things just be, not for you but for me to be able to keep loving even if it's not that way..
But with a kind and tender heart, because if i don't i'm afraid i might fade, disappear, or fall apart...

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