How You've Grown

The world in your hands
Everything was given
You learned abundance and beauty
And that all would be forgiven

As a child, you grew
To see so much taken
You forgot the truth
The beauty
That all will be forgiven

Through seasons and cycles
Repeating what you've seen
Oh so malleable
And learning through other's disbelief

Taken on as your own
You forgot the truth of your being
But as you grow
You remember how it feels to be free

You've learned through struggle
Through trauma
Seen the worst and the best
Now you choose beauty
You remember that it's all just a test

A test of patience
Of purpose
Of giving and receiving
All the abundance
The beauty
The truth of your being

Oh how you've grown
Little lion
Tamed your cowardly roar
Now you see strength
In the cycles
In the learning
Through all

Oh how you've grown
To trust in life
To trust that all will be okay
Even when it's hard
You've learned to take it
And move through it with grace

You're finding balance
Learning responsibility
To what is truth
To what is beauty
To what makes the world breathe

And with your faith
You remember
That there's more here to grow
And so I'm thankful
That you've realized
All the beauty you hold

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