How We Use the Greatest Invention of Our Time


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Scroll to get the latest gossip
Scroll to laugh at pictures of cats
Scroll to find out how to get to Olive Garden
Scroll to stalk your ex lover
Scroll to go on a virtual shopping spree
Scroll to self-diagnose your symptoms on Web MD
Scroll to look up urban definitions you’re too embarrassed to ask out loud
Scroll to watch weekly vloggers
Scroll to locate a 24-hour donut shop
Scroll to illegally download Mumford & Sons’ new album
Scroll to plan your dream vacation (out of budget)
Scroll to check your bank account (or avoid checking it)
Scroll to search for what happened last time on Glee
Scroll to Wikipedia the answers to your history homework
Scroll to plan a wedding you won’t have for 5 years

Scroll until your eyes hurt
Scroll until you’ve wasted your entire day





PREACH! It is amazing how life has changed, isn't it? Feeling this poem!!!!

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