How Love Became A Need!

This was me, being watched by society, I forgot how to be a child.
Trapped by rules, responsibilities held me prisoner every night.
Life as I knew it, only preached obligations and discipline.

There was no way to say I was memorable childhood citizen.


All I remember, was being so small, always inpatient to be where I am now. 

To have an opinion that matters, being a force that is to be reckoned with somehow. 
It's as if I grew up the very moment I laid eyes to life. 

My very first breath of life, my very first encounter of strife.
Was never sure, always perplex, yet I carried the burdens of others upon my shoulders.

The path that I was shown, lead me to a place where I was surrounded only, by posers
I've watched as it all came falling down, like a landslide they did not discriminate me.
So I was always ready to catch, it didn’t matter at all, if I had appeared to be weak. 
I could not fall, how could I? I depend on me! That’s how it has to be. 
I wasn't strong enough to let me fall while being the landfield for my family.

After a while, it just took too much, I realise I need someone to lean on

Not just anyone, my equal, someone that isn’t afraid to cheer me on.
I ain’t complaining, just trying to make you understand what I feel.
This commitment to find love that I know exist is very real.


Even though, sometimes it drains the living day light out of me. 

Sometimes I want sometimes I don't

Sometimes I get suffocating

Sometimes I get overwhelmed

Sometimes I run sometimes I hide

Sometimes I wish I knew for sure
Sometimes I wish I could stop analysing ever damn thing, why can’t I just stop thinking all together?

Sometimes I wish I could trade these thoughts for anything else better for now and forever.


Still in the mist of it all, I still believe good in the world, amending by love, freeing the souls once trapped.

Filling the places once empty, healing the wounds that once bled, even with change it can adapt.

Love sets me free, I won't settle for less, if the love I so desire does not appear before me. 
Then I shall wait, for however long it takes, even forever, for I truly believe what will be will be.



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