This is how it’s supposed to be? (Depression)

It sounds like silence

like the ringing in my ears 

Like the cries of pain and loneliness in the form of a song 

It smells like nothing

like the thing that everyone else can smell but you can’t 

the dull, muted sense that used to be so strong 

It tastes bitter, if you can taste at all 

it becomes the taste of everything 

and as much as you hate it and pray for it to go away it doesn’t 

and you’re afraid the sweetness will never return

It looks like darkness

as though you’re floating through a sky without stars

it makes death look like home

It feels like being forced to do your least favorite thing

but sometimes that thing is breathing

it feels like your heart is being torn and scratched at

your mind being bruised

Every effort is painful and tiring

it feels like being trapped, but the prison is your skin

All you can do is hope you’ll FEEL again 

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