How I Learned to Fully Invest Myself In People and Things I Love

Dear Piano,


You're a lover telling me a beautiful story.

Sometimes beautifully tragic, and sometimes inexplicably touching.

When I play you, piano, I'm moved to a different reality.

We are two separate entities

But we are symbiotic

Practicing you is the true test of patience, a golden virtue.

Playing one measure over and over again for half an hour.

Why do I bother?

I work through my struggles to get to the point where my fingers effortlessly glide across your ivory keys.

They know exactly where they're going.

My fingers are not part of my entity,

They are part of yours

They are your method of telling me a story

I'm having a conversation with you

And I'm listening and responding with the movement of my body and my expression.

You can't tell me the story unless I'm actively listening and responding.

My investment in the emotion of the story dictates how beautiful the story will be.

So I thank you, for always being there to listen to me, and showing me how to invest my entire being in a conversation with you


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