How I Control

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 20:02 -- kadija_

They say that I need help, Call me Crazy, Impulsive,Broken, label me with anger Issues

They think that I got problems controlling myself, But that ain't what it is 

I can't control how I feel, But I control how I deal

And I choose to deal with my fists, Choose to break down doors and throw bricks

It's my method of cope, like some people smoke or gamble till they're broke

I throw blows

Adrenaline pumping through my veins

scary thoughts running through my brain, got them thinking i'm insane

One wrong look and you done set off the trigger, cock back my fist like it's a 9 miller

And I pull it, Every blow is a bullet and I'm careful where I put it

And, yeah 

violence is never the answer, It's the solution

To every counselor wanna tell me violence ain't gon' get me nowhere, it done got me through a lot

I gotta protect me and mines and I'm all that I got

Gotta put up this front like I'm tough when I'm not

Gotta act like I'm the shit when I'm doubting my worth

'Cause It's easier to be angry than admit to being hurt

And sometimes my fist have more impact than words, nobody hears me when i speak but they all stop and stare when I fight

and crying makes you weak so I can't let 'em see me cry

they say to keep it all inside then get made when my anger got me breaking down doors

'cause when it rains man, It pours


I dont got issues 

I dont got anger issues

I just got anger, a lot

more than I know what to do with

So I fight

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