How Did I Lose Her Again?

The first time Olia broke up with me, I felt as if my life was over.

I thought love had ended for her and me, but good fortune was on my side.

After about two years had passed, she tried to rekindle our love.

I couldn’t believe it when Olia called me and said she wanted to see me.


When I went to Olia’s apartment, she could sense my uneasiness.

She spoke to me kindly and she made me feel comfortable around her.

I didn’t expect this to happen, but somehow she took me back.

Olia forgave me and she gave me a chance that I didn’t deserve.


Even though I wanted our relationship to work, I didn’t try hard enough.

I should’ve learned from my mistakes, but I’ve screwed up my life again.

This is the second time Olia has dumped me and this time she’s serious.

The reason for losing the woman I love twice is not easy to explain.


I’m ashamed to admit that on both occasions I was the one at fault.

And I’ve asked myself repeatedly, “How did I lose her again?”

It would be a miracle if Olia pitied me and took me back this time,

So I really believe that love has finally ended for her and me.


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