How Dare You.

How dare you have fun!

How dare you go out and party!

How dare you drink too much cerveza!

How dare you smoke weed!

How dare you sacar el mendigo e-cigarette and vape!

How dare you skip school!

How dare you!!

Your parents struggle

Your parents experience dolores

Your parents get belittled

Your parents work from sunrise to sunset

Your parents ride their bikes porque tu el creido waste their money on the best shoes

Your parents are tired

Tired of your irresponsibility

Tired of your foolishness

Tired of your arrogance

Tired of you

Pero they love you

They love you enough to kill themselves for you to live

They love you enough to work the whole damn week to get you that new phone every gringo has 

They love you enough to let you go out and experience so you can learn

They love you enough to keep you safe at home even though you are now married con tus tres hijos

They love you enough even though you are no one out there in the real world

How dare you let them down after all they've done for you

How dare you.





This poem is about: 
My community



If you think that I am targeting people, then you are right. I am tired of seeing people wasting their family's money on insignificant things rather than on school tuition. I am targeting minorities, I am targeting Mexicans. There are those who come from horrible backgrounds and here you are destroying your life even more. Your parents immigrated from corrupt governments in hope for better futures for them and you, their children, yet they were exposed to the same corruption in their homeland. They experience mistreatment because of the color of their skin, their accent, their physical attributes. I know you all know this exists and I want to make you aware that being a sheep and following everything other people do will not stop this injustice. If I am being honest I don't care about you guys, I care for your parents, for the elders. I cry because I see elderly men on their bikes just to go to a gas station to hopefully get contacted by a gringo to clean their dirty work, just to receive a meer pay. I am then sickened by their children, I really don't know how naive and ignorant you are to not see your parents are struggling and you are out here posting on snapchat that you are getting high killing your insignificant brain cells. You disgust me. Learn to be like your parents who are hard workers unlike you failing every class because you don't know how to multiply as a freshman and have to take algebra A. How dare you all be so oblivious to struggles people face, how dare you.


and no, I am not the best child, but I try. I try to not be a sheep and follow those that are naive to life. I work in school and I amy not have a social life, but I have my family because, in the end, your friends will either end up dead or in jail, so why do things that don't contribute to your success in life. If one wants to succeed they must first learn how to solve their own problems.

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