House of Hades

I sit upon my throne made of darkness,

I am known as the god who is heartless.

But little do they know of the lonliness that engulfs me,

The saddnes and depression that I just can't seem to break free of.


As I constantly watch the tortured souls in Tartarus, 

I ponder who is suffering more

I or them. 

They have lived their lives in happiness and in content,

Aside from the sins that brought them here.

They had a family and a home,

While I seem to have none.

For what use is a house that is empty.


I go by many names,

The Devil, Hades, and Lucifer.

Lucifer, or Luc for short,

I find the most ironic.

For I have never felt luc or lucky.

Sure I am the king of the underworld,

But whats a kingdom or a house filled with emptiness.


So as I sit back down on my throne of darkness,

In my empty home,

I let out an exasperated sigh.

I am stuck here for eternity,

Alone with my thoughts,

In this cursed House of Hades. 



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