"This House"


The scent of steak on the grill,   

The tire swing, swinging in the wind. 

The laughter of kids in the pool, 

The sound of bikes riding down the road.


The walls speak with memories, 

The pictures scream you-had-too-be-there. 

The beds make us dream, 

And the videos make us bond. 


Red blazing from the windows, 

Hear the ripping of our hearts.

Listen to the sorrow in our voices,

And see the aching in our lives. 


Now the bright green on the roof, 

and the red over the mantel are black.

Now the bedrooms are full of hidden tears, 

and the living room is full of fake smiles. 


The baby’s crying in the crib, 

Mama’s crying in the bedroom.  

What happened to happily ever after, 

It never existed in this messed up world. 



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