Hospital for Humanity

The Church is a hospital for humanity. It is a body of people, not just a building.

Every member whether black, white, Protestant, Catholic, pastor or congregation

must work together for a common purpose.

Every individual is called to help save the lost and heal the broken. 

The pastors and bishops are the chief surgeons.

The evangelists are the paramedics. The priests are the financial division who

take care of the price you must pay for access to care.

The congregation represents the nurses, technicians, physician assistants,

doctors, and other essential members of the heal-thcare team.

No patient should be turned away regardless of their condition. 

This hospital welcomes all people, whether black, white, rich, poor, clean, dirty,

young or elderly.

The Church is a hospital for humanity with a common goal of saving the lost

and heal-ing the broken.


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