With Hope for the Future

People never truly realize the immense pain,

They never truly realize what brought the rain.

They never truly realize the light of the sun,

They never truly realize until their night comes.


A swollen throat, with tears in my eyes.

The flash that comes in the pieces of life

The fear and pain and wallowing, they seem,

They seem to have an affect on my dreams.

Can I ever return to unrelenting bliss?

Is my pain completely useless?

Does God see me as completely worthless?

What could I have done to deserve this?


But see, life is lived

In a forward-moving sequence,

But life is learned,

In the view of reminiscence.


You can grow into a somber disgrace,

Or learn to paint a smile on your face.

You can learn to smile and lie

Or you will slowly die inside.


You never know your weakness until you feel loss

You never realize your strength unless you never give up.


Soon an insurmountable mountain is climbed,

Trials and tribulations will die.

Pain will always be a fear,

And you will learn to gain your years.

But eventually, this too will pass,

Because strength is all we ever have.


When you learn to pick up the pieces of shattered glass,

Your pain finally ignites your path.

Your strength means your heartache is surpassed.

I told you that sadness could never last.




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