Hope Deferred

Hope deferred makes the heart sick

It beats up your soul with a big stick

leaving you drained and anaemic 

like a smile that’s gone sad or an small tic

that’s had too much time to leave 

bad marks that grow thick 


A love that is lost 

leaves an oil slick

that costs 

all you have to remove 

and then drops you in goo

that you can’t seem to shake 

like an illness, a flu, 

and then leaves you without 

a desire or a clue


that remains in your being

and then causes you

to feel hurt and abandoned 

the swell of a gland


the sinking of sand

that will grow and demand 

all the strength of your heart

all the works of your hand


Dreams unfulfilled 

try to unstick your plans

throws a huge brick 

that lands 

at your heart

not your hands

leaving damage

that scans across time 

and untangles your life

leaving debris and grime

and a lie telling you

that you’re nothing, your none



that there’s nowhere to run

that the darkness has won

that the great wall of failure 

has covered the sun


Yet a seed in some dung 

is a garden to some,

and a small glimpse of light 

from a friend who knows right

might be all that you need 

to insight not impede 

that release of a freedom 

that frees you to lead on 

that lift up your head.


and implores you to spread 

out your wings 

and not focus on things 

that will leave you in dread

but instead,

will allow to tread through the treacle 

to move to a sequel.

This might be a new chance, 

you might leap you might dance,

A new frame 

A new stance


A new you that is equal 

to all that you face

that will free you to trace 

out a new path, 

a new dawn,

a new hope

a new way,

a new life,

a new start,

a new love,


a new day 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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