It’s not something that is talked about but it shows

Feeling like you’re floating on air just to turn a corner and have your wings cut off

To crash on the ground wishing there was another way

A long way

But there isn’t there’s straight

Walking into your cage hiding your just healed wings

Sing when told eat when fed and repeat when spoken to

Talons have no use here cause a single scratch on the one that owns you turns bad

For you

You hid it you sing happily you try not to break under the pressure

And someone sees this

They ask you to fly but you can’t go far they say sing and you choke on your tears

They hate seeing you like this hurting in your cage so they take you

They fix you as much as you let them and when they tell you to speak

It’s not to repeat it’s to speak the truth

Scary no terrifying speaking the truth you cry cause it’s all you’ve known

It’s wrong yes  

But it’s how you lived

Lived in fear in the pain

Nothing ever broken but you left exhausted and wanting an end

Once you speak you are free

At first it doesn’t feel like it but you are

Strange yes but new no fear

No shame

No disappointment

Your wings spread to their full length and you soar

This poem is about: 
My family


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