You were always skeptical of the future, uncertain of it all. You were never eager for another day, at times you wish they’d never come. Locked up in a room, sleeping for hours, even the best thing never seemed interesting. You wanted to live, and live, and run into the night under the cool desert sky. You wanted to travel, see the world and all of its beauty, you wanted freedom. Only the freedom of finally being broken from the chains and weights of self doubt and insecurity that kept you from living your life. Isolating yourself because you were afraid but also knowing that deep down the passion and fire in your free spirit kept igniting, waiting to be released. You knew it’d get better one day, and you didn’t give up because of that thought. Waiting for the eagle, waiting for road trips, passing under the desert sky, the sunrise, the epitome of freedom. I’m glad you waited, glad you had hope. I’ve crossed continents, sailed oceans, discovered the life of the desert, became one with the land around me. I’ve breathed in and out the cool breezes year round, i’ve walked barefoot in the hot sand of california, in the snow of northern arizona, in the grass of nearby mountains. I’ve lived through concerts, front row. I’ve seen friendships come and go. I’ve seen politicians, actors, singers, and wrote some blues around the fire. I’ve ran, I sang, I flew like an eagle into the night. Dear old me, I told you everything would be alright.


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