I saw you Yesterday

Or was it Today

Probably not Tomorrow

I heard you say Maybe

I wish it was Yes

But hopefully not No


I knew you'd say No

when I saw you Yesterday

If you said Yes,

I would visit you Today

Another time Maybe

How about Tomorrow?


I'll visit Tomorrow

I would never say No

I could bring cake, Maybe

I didn't see you Yesterday

But I will Today

Hopefully you say Yes


You said Yes!

I can see you Tomorrow

Excited all day Today

But then you said No.

You told me Yesterday

I'll visit again Maybe.


We agreed on Maybe

I said Yes

This was Yesterday

But now it’s  Tomorrow

and you said  No

No visiting Today


I'm visiting Today

We can have dinner Maybe

But you said No

I thought you said Yes

but you meant for Tomorrow

And I was excited Yesterday


Today  I said Yes

You said Maybe  Tomorrow

We said No to Yesterday

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