The buzzing of bees,

The raw smell of honey,

The dark rich taste of chocolate.

A glance and a smile

Before a soft kiss,

How could we know

Something was amiss?

A small message on a phone,

"Honey, your granddad isn't comeing home."

I was in shock,

Couldn't hear your voice,

But I knew I had a choice.

The tears ran freely.

I heald you close.

The immage came in clear

Grandpa on a table, the surgery a failure.

His heart stopped beating

While you and I were eating,

on that warm and sunny day.

The soul took wing

And of anything 

Took the honey right from the hive

Grandpa was gone, 

My world turned grey

Only you and the bees stayed.

With a sting, the bee brought me back.

The sun still shown on the beautiful day

We were young, and it would stay.

Grandpas honey, in its jar

Would be stocked in my hall forevermore



Mafi Grey

"The dark rich taste of chocolate", you had me at chocolate. Lol

Mafi Grey

"The dark rich taste of chocolate", you had me at chocolate. Lol

Mafi Grey

I can relate to the your grandfather and your childhood,I miss the things I did with my grand pop; he was my only father...


He and I were close yes, but i think hes in a better place with the one thing he loved more than family and honey combined......his chocolate lol. He hoarded it! if there was any in the house he would find it almost like a 6th sense

Mafi Grey

That's how my grandfather was with his cheese...

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