Homophobia and LGBT Rights


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What is a world without transition and change?

All the gay lesbians transgender and bi people are not natural they say!

But who are they to say what is natural?

When homosexuals are found in so many different species?

But homophobia is found in only one!

The human kind cannot be god! They cannot decide who can love who.

It is not their place. Why are they trying? Why so many debates?

It is only up to the two people who fall in love. Love is a beautiful thing, why ruin it.

Why put so many barriers up so two people can't show the world who they love.

Every other human has the right if they are straight.

Have the LGBT community been considered a completely different species?

We must be or we would be granted our rights.

Why is it that we can not show our love to the world?

Does that seem fair to you? In any way fashion or form?

No! It is not fair to anyone and to the people in this world who are homophobic it all really boils down to this.

You think that just because a person likes the same gender as themselves

That they will like you simply because they are gay. This is wrong in every way fashion and form.

We do not like every single person in this world that is the same gender.

We have dignity we are human.

We are a community and we stick with our own.

We are united.

So why not let us have our rights?

Why not let us get what every other human being gets in the United States?

The world is not going to fall into chaos.

Look at the states that have already accepted us have they fell off the face of the planet?

NO! They are united they are accepting they are loving.

While the rest of the world hurts us and dogs us. Why must you torture our souls?

We cannot change who we like. Why must we suffer for loving? Why must we be beat down?

And to the people who talk about God condemning us to hell.

Let me ask you this?

Does God not love all his children?

Is he not a forgiving God?

Do you think that God could really turn his back on his people because they fell in love?

Is love not a strong thing to feel?

How would you feel if everyone around you suddenly told you that you were an abomination,

That you were going to hell that you were a lost cause all because you were heterosexual?

What if the world denied you the right to love someone and show everyone what love you have found?

Would you not feel this should deep pain?

That attacked you at every second you wanted to show the world what you had found?

What you had accomplished with another person?

Love is a beautiful thing.

Do not slander it and tear it down into the depths of an ocean filled with lava.

Do not throw it away into a land fill of garbage.

Rise up and like the majestic trees of our planet that sustain our lives

And be free of all the worries and limits that our world put on us!

Show the love you feel and let no one deny you the right to be happy!

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Shambrica Walker

I honestly love this <3, As a Lesbian i can personally relate to the message you are sending. continue writing for those who still may remain voiceless :) - Shambrica

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