Hometown Hero


United States
37° 34' 49.2996" N, 77° 29' 14.658" W

We live in a world where the politicians start the battles
Then the younger generations competition, so they travel
To other territories so they carry on the chapter
So the younger generation dies from man-made disaster
I really hate that, and the outcome of our system
If we educated better, then the outcome would be wisdom
The things we learn in class, is just for us to pass
We were at the top but now we're quickly fallin fast
I just wanna change the world, I need the right connection
All leaders break their promise for change, we elect them
We lost touch with God, if there even is one
I mean someone had to create everything we vision
In my hometown I’m an underground hero
Society crumblin, rebuilding from ground zero
They say I can’t do it but I block it all out
The only thing in my way is writers block now


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