Homes That We Once Knew, With Love Anew

After all the dew has fed the lillies,
I will group them into portraits of your smile
I would give anything to be in your company,
to spend eternity in your arms
If not for just a little while.

I remember the way the sky looked that night
Not a cloud in sight as the darkness swallowed us whole
The crickets raised their legs in blissful symphony
Their music resonated in my heart, the chords that cured my soul
I imagine every pain has brought us closer to
the strength to sever all our need for food and air
And when we retreat back to the homes we once knew
All the loves we ever lost will greet us there.



The imagery in this poem is just so beautful! i absolutely adore it! My favorite line would have to be "crickets raise their legs in blissful symphony," and "The chords that cured my soul." It was beautiful. What were you imagining when you wrote this poem? Where were you; a park or indoors? Cause I can just picture you sitting at a park writing this, or maybe that is because of your picture. Either way it was beautiful. Thank you for sending this in.


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