Homes and What Son

There Was A Knock On The Door

I Bolted From My Chair

But B4 I Could Ascertain

The Presence of the Caller

Holmes Intercepted and Like A Cat

Flung Open The

Veil of Our Solitude.

“I Would Say From The Sound

Of IT, IT's Something

On A Wheel” said he.

Know One Was There

and Nothing Appeared

and Like a String

Made of Wacked B's

and Corn

He Turned and Smiled...

“Finding the Answer Watson?

Your The Wiping Boy

and We R The Answer...

I Hope U Appreciate

This Demonstration

of the effects

Produced When 1 (One) Mind

Intercepts Another...

You See, There was Know One

At The Door...

Only Me, My Mind and You.

Forgive Me Dear Friend,

I Simply Intended to Demonstrate

The Potential of a Cultivated Mind

On An Unenlightened one”.


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