There's always people on the streets

Where ever I go.

No matter the location of city,

No matter where we drive,

If you look off to the side,

You can see a person

With their clothes on their back,

With maybe a bag or a can,

But more importantly a sign.

This is the sign that says "Help."

"I'm without shelter,

Anything helps."


This sign is not always physical,

But it certainly is there.

It's always there 

And it's always in plain sight.

You can see it in their eyes.

But we assume the things they need.


They ask for help or money,

But one thing I've rarely ever seen

Is that they ask for a home.

Why is that?

Could it be that the homeless are content?

Even without a home?


Then it struck me.

There is no such thing as homeless people.

This planet,

Our mother Earth,

This is our home.

Where we sit down and relax in luxury,

That's no home, 

That is a house,

Or an apartment,

Or some type of living space.

Home is more than that,

Home is a place where we belong.

The homeless are not really homeless,

They're just people who need help.


We know where we belong.

And where we belong is out there

Helping those who don't know

That they belong with everyone else in this world.

So hand over a penny or two,

Maybe even a place to hide away from the rain,

Because all those things have a home too,

And they belong with the people who need it, 

Just like how we belong with this world that needs us.


Need to talk?

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