I wasted most of my adult life with a drug abuse, I was just a teen when I was first introduced, I always stayed afloat or was i always floating ? I thought I was cool holding a blunt toating, The Oxys cant be my problem a Dr gave me a script for'em, yeah thats my Excuse, I slowed down long enough to catch a case and reproduce, Now im a Inmate & Father, well thats a bad excuse. My Addiction got even worse over the years, In return All my nevers came true along with my fears ..... "Alone & Homeless"
The nights were freezing cold ,The day was sweaty hot , Im fkn lost In the Land of the Forgot , I can't be lost in plain site , Im Isolating instead of fkn retailton ,The loneliness is draining all my might , "WTF" Why am I not even in this fight ? Did I reach my peaked as a Kid , How is my Life ever gonna get its meaning back , Jails always have me doing a bid and the drugs always got me doing that side lid ..The worse thing I remember wasnt the people staring or pre-judging it was not being able to bathe or wash off the DIRT, I remember it to well it has my heart about to hurt , I wonder about the depth in the damage I inserted ? Has to be some for my family to just leave me deserted , My clothes started get baggy and turn to that filthy yellow color they even looked like they stunk , Every bit of clothing I own looks funky ,This can't be the life my parents layed out for me , Drugs had taken over my life completely I'm now a has been Junkie , Its a horrible way to live , drugs are founded in the streets , And the streets use them to keep you grounded ,Your biggest fear isnt even a overdose , Its losing your spot on the ground like its a fkn Curse ,The streets even have it's own sound , No one should even know that but I do it's a Siren , Scream , Rattle & Pound , You can feel it living under the el , I hid my face every day so noone recognized me in that world of hell , I'm done , tell Rocky I heard the bell , I am happy I'm no longer a part of a life where the Sad part is we dont Care , When living like that the drugs take , As they take from me , I was take from loved ones who care , All this time i figured they abanded me and forgot .. It took me a few times and will power Alot . But I finally threw the drugs down recorded my first real sack .I humbly ask my family to take me back .Im Grateful for the learnt lessons , I still walk along K&A to check on a few cats who were my Blessings( T.J ) , Even tho this still has me alittle bitter , But it couldve been worse I could've been a "Quitter .I'm still a bit confused as to why some of this things happened , But Im back home listening to all the yacking ,I just now need to rid the fact of being unemployed ,Thats a title that doesn't fit being a Malloy

**I have love for the homeless mentality bcuz they are the most caring & giving people that's reality.. So I pray for all the Homeless, Only the ones forced to live like that day by day.. I Just want yous to know I wrote about my dark side just to shead some light on the homeless way.

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