Home Sweet Home

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 14:28 -- JTD827


Learning things on my own

because I have no home

barely making it through the day

have to leave because I do not like to stay


look at my reflection in the murky water

and see the little boy who had something

then I see him now with nothing

looking for something that is better

but always end up with the shortest straw


I hear mother's voice caling me to come back home

I search for it everyday but, I always end up alone

when I dream I know I am there and not here

I wake up and and I am all alone

I wish I found my home sweet home


Walking the streets for food and money

but all I get is a rude mood and nothing that is sunny

I envy in sorrow until another tomorrow

I live like a rabbit living in a burrow

wondering how long the rabbit hole goes

starting to lose faith in my soul

I just want to go home





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