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                                      Al-Masjid: The Mosque.



God is Great!

I’ve sinned.

I’ve wronged myself.

I’ve been led astray.

But every time I enter the Mosque,


The house of Allah,

I feel something.

I feel something reviving me.

I taste it…a taste that is surreal.

But it makes me full,

Like I’ve eaten a whole watermelon during a hot summer day in the Sahara.

Like I’ve wiped all my sins away with that taste.

This is my home.

This is the SPOT!

Where I find God.


Where I get away,

To be free of the sins and darkness of this world,

That is obscure and complex.

This is my home.

This is the SPOT!

Where I hear beautiful recitations.

Recitation of the Qur’an,

The holy book,

The final scripture sent by God to mankind.

Recitations in

Low pitch,

High pitch,

Perfect recitations by perfect Sheikhs.

That makes my ears hungry.

Hungry for more words,

The words of God.

This is my home.

This is the SPOT!

This is my home.

A spiritual home.

Where I prostrate to The All-Mighty.

Having my forehead, nose, both hands, knees and toes all touching the ground.

Al-Masjid, the mosque, I love thee, for you’re my home.

Where I feel safe, happy, and tranquil.

You’re my home!

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