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I grew up in a place not most kids called home , I was alone and had to get everything on my own , my Mama was gone , the only thing I had was my siblings , barely a home , we was alone but together we made home . My Daddy was never there , I'd wake up everyday askin god " why am I here ? " I had to protect my siblings I had to hit the Streets sellin Bags by Bags , piece by peice . I became money hungry it was the only way to survive , without my family there was no reason to be alive, I was on time though Grindin at a young age , I taught myself went stage by stage , id come home EVERYDAY to barely nothin always dark in the house wall to wall barely touchin , my family ate though my family got right, at a young age I was headin 25 to LIFE . The streets taught me education taught me to be tough , without going through what I went through I wouldn't be strong enough . We got my mama though she's makin it up . I got a family thas all I need Real love . They Sleep I DONT , they eat I WON'T , what they got they gone have more because when I get to the Top , my past won't have a reason to come up anymore , ONLY the STRONGEST LIVE POOR !

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My family
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