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It's a whole other world where you live, a web you spun with your own intent.
Your lungs can breathe easily here and it's easy to hide in the dark.
But with each breath, your blood carries the past through young veins to an aged, beaten heart.

I swear to you, I'm no stranger here; you drew the map, but I know the hope behind each scribbled line.
This was never where we were supposed to be, and I'll write to you to bring you home.

You trusted this place not to fall apart around you.
But clouds of smoke block the sun, from the flames that eat the promises you held.
Blackening your cityscape; ruining your sweet escape.

You're still you, I know; your heart still beats, still loves, still lives.
It's your eyes that forgot to stay awake.

I swear to you, I'm no stranger here; you've locked every gate, but I know the key.
This will never be where we belong, and I'll write to you to bring you home.

And I'll have you know, this was never your fault.
We'll bury all this, say goodbye to what's gone.
The blood will dry and the scars will fade, to nothing but a story, lines like margins on a page.

I swear to you, I'll always know who you are; you ran from your ghosts, but you got lost in the fire.
You left us here, but we'll wait and we'll breathe.
With patient hearts, we'll breathe, and we'll write every word it takes to bring you home.

I swear to you, I will bring you home.


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